Industry accreditation

Accreditation is closed. Thank you for your interest!

Industry accreditation is meant for movie industry professionals. The accreditation is directed to producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, sound designers and other film production professionals. It is also directed to representatives of film festivals, cinemas, distribution companies and other film industry organisations.

The industry accreditation is opened 2nd-16th January 2017.

Accreditation fee is 25 €/person (incl. VAT 10%). The professionals who have an accreditation for the festival will get a festival pass with which the pass-holder can claim three tickets for festival screenings per day (within the limits of the restricted ticket quota).The number of industry accreditations available is limited.

More info:

Production Coordinator
Emilia Wahlberg
emilia.wahlberg (at)
+ 358 10 501 5776