Screening Cards


There are two types of screening cards, DocPoint screening card and Finnkino DocPoint e-screening card. Both screening cards are available as 6 or 10 tickets. Screening cards will be available for purchase when ticket sales begin. Screening cards are not for individual use so you can redeem multiple tickets for one screening with one card.

Please purchase the screening card first and then use it to redeem the individual screening tickets. Add the screening tickets to the basket and use the screening card ID (8 digits) to redeem the tickets. The ID will be asked on the payment page. Please read carefully about the differences of the screening cards to determine which one you need. From the link below you can purchase DocPoint screening card. Finnkinon DocPoint e-screening card can be purchased from Finnkino website.

Buy DocPoint Screening Card from here

Buy Finnkino DocPoint-e-Screening Card from here

Can be bought from:
  • DocPoint website
  • DocPoint’s ticket counter in Savoy Theatre
  • all Finnkino theatres in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa (N.B., not available on Finnkino website!)
  • during the festival from every festival theatre
Using the screening card:
  • You can redeem screening tickets for screenings in all festival theatres.
  • For screenings in Finnkino theatres you need to redeem the tickets from Finnkino ticket counters. Respectively, you cannot redeem tickets for screenings in other festival theatres through Finnkino.
  • Tickets for screenings in other festival theatres can be redeemed at any DocPoint ticket counter or through DocPoint website.
  • Available from Finnkino website.
  • With the e-screening card you can redeem tickets only for DocPoint-screenings in Finnkino theatres.
  • You can redeem the tickets only through Finnkino website.
  • Finnkino DocPoint e-screening card is valid only for festival screenings.
  • Finnkino DocPoint e-screening card cannot be used to redeem tickets for normal Finnkino screenings.